Nucleus Power

Nucleus Power is a U.S. based company developing a microreactor that will make nuclear energy cost-competitive with fossil fuels in all markets. The company's simple and small nuclear system will allow it to be easier to license, build and operate. Instead of billions of dollars and years of construction to build large traditional reactors, the small and simple design will yield a lower price tag for consumers and a faster time to market for investors.

The nuclear system is a graphite-moderated, uranium-fueled reactor that uses thermoelectrics to produce one megawatt of power. The system would be located in a building about the size of a house and is estimated to run for 20 years without refueling. Its small size allows it to provide affordable electricity directly to locations such as retail buildings, data servers, industrial facilities, neighborhoods or electric vehicle charging stations. 

       Cross section of the microreactor. Modeled using COMSOL.